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Mens Intuition Coach

Hello, I'm Doug Beitz, and for the past seven years, I've dedicated myself to the exploration of my Inner Knowing, also known as intuition. I've observed numerous instances where individuals, particularly men, misjudge situations only to later admit, "I knew I shouldn't have done that." Why do we often ignore our gut feelings, that inner knowing, or our inner voice?

Reflecting on the quote, "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation," which deeply resonated with me over 35 years ago, I realized how societal conditioning encourages men to conform, blend in, and go with the flow. I've personally grown tired of this conformity, and I'm here to assist those men who have reached a similar breaking point!

Through my journey, I've uncovered that the answers to the life we aspire to lead are already within us. While I don't claim to have all the answers on how to tap into this inner wisdom, I've progressed far enough on this intuitive journey to provide meaningful guidance to men seeking help. Are you interested in discovering how to tap into your intuition?

I pose thought-provoking questions that unveil the answers your inner self is eager to express, enabling you to find your voice and engage in the conversations you've been yearning for. By doing so, you'll propel forward in life, achieving your goals much sooner than you might have imagined!

This is transformative and empowering! Are you prepared to engage in the challenging conversations that will unlock the world you've been longing for?


there are




Break through

your barriers.

  • Do you sense a higher purpose within, but can't find your voice to discuss this?

  • Do you struggle to find people who you can have real conversations with about intuition?

  • Are you yearning inside to BUST OUT of auto-pilot and find the real you and where you fit in the world?

  • I'm here to take you deep into conversations about intuition, and out the other side with a renewed vision for your life!

What my clients say

Willa C

United Kingdom

Jan Denecke,

Clinical & Holistic Nutritionist,

Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher


"Doug has a talent of observing and bringing up invisible impediments from the surface that offer profound deep healing within. Doug is a presence that listens with a honest and genuine interest in myself. Being a man myself and gay I felt for a first time a real connection with a man based on heartfelt emotion and care. This foundation of trust helped bring personal grief to the surface and an awareness of fear of failure based on deeply rooted patterns within myself. Sessions were open and based on what was happening now. The 10 sessions allowed me to slowly soften and release some old unnecessary mental and emotional pains. I felt a lightness in me with more clarity about myself and who I really am."

Tracy G,

Speech-Language Pathologist


"I recently had the privilege of attending a number of intuitive coaching sessions with Doug and can highly recommend him to anyone looking for some guidance or direction in their life. Doug is an attentive and caring listener. His responses, at times, seem to flow out as easy-to-relate-to metaphors and stories that clearly come from some kind of second sense while at the same time making you feel like you are having a chat over tea with a friend. I appreciate his attention to detail, skillfully bringing the interaction back to my self-identified goals and desires whenever I became sidetracked. I felt his genuine interest in supporting me, holding me accountable, and being open to others' experiences or points of view. Doug's skills, outlook, and friendly demeanor are a good fit for what I was looking for in a coach."

About Doug

Doug resides with his wife Sally in Currumbin Valley, Australia. They have raised 4 sons, and gained 2 daughter-in-laws, and 2 grandchildren.

Never one to do things in a conventional way, and following a synchronicity, his entrepreneurial finesse showed through as he and his family conducted the world first "Micronesia raffle" in 2016. where they very successfully raffled their scuba resort (yes you read that correctly, someone won their resort).

Doug has spent the years since then reinventing himself. Travelling the globe 3 times, to learn and develop the craft of Clearing Energy in people and places. In his younger days, Doug has been a firefighter, scuba instructor, and the owner of a remote tropical island resort.

Doug has a love of learning to recognise and interpret the language that his gut feels. Along with a strong desire to share this knowledge with men who know there is more, has lead him to become an Intuitive Life Coach. To hear his passion and purpose, tune into his weekly podcast, "Intuitive Conversations with Doug".

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If you've listened to Doug's podcasts and would like to work with him, here is how you can do that.

Coaching and

Energy Clearing packages

Knee Deep

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Build your self-confidence

and a clear path to your goals

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Learn to set clear, healthy

boundaries with yourself and others

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Learn techniques to work with

your emotions

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Learn to recognise your unique

universal guidance

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Learn how to and why you

should raise your vibration

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Six 1-hour coaching sessions

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+ Your personal energy field

cleared 3 times

Discover simple ways to recognise

your intuition

Deep Dive

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Everything in Knee Deep, plus...

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Learn to interpret your intuition

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Gain an understanding of how

your intuition works for you

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Life will improve as the

frequencies around you increase

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+ Your personal energy field

cleared 8 times

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Bonus - remote space clearing of the unbalanced energy in your home

(see explanation below)


Your home environment will lighten

and rebalance

Your energies will shift, and your

worldview will brighten

Sixteen 1-hour coaching sessions

Knee Deep Package

Six coaching sessions will give you a feel for where coaching can take you. During three of these sessions Doug will also clear your personal energy field, and provide any intuitive information that may come through (these 3 sessions will be 90 minutes, and the remaining 3 coaching sessions will be 60 minutes).


Option 1 - Pay in full $1195*

Option 2 - Two monthly instalments of $650, totalling $1,250*

Deep Dive Package

Sixteen coaching sessions will take you deep into yourself and out the other side, where you'll find a new improved version of yourself. During eight of these sessions Doug will also clear your personal energy field, and provide any intuitive information that may come through (these 8 sessions will be 90 minutes, and the remaining 8 coaching sessions will be 60 minutes).

As an added bonus to the Deep Dive package, Doug will remotely space clear the energy of your home.

This clears the energetic buildup of stagnant emotional energy from current and previous occupants (that's right, the previous occupants left you with some of their invisible emotional baggage), along with EMFs, radiation, etc from our modern world. (This alone is valued from $550 to $750, depending on the size of the home).


Option 1 - Pay in full $3,350*

Option 2 - Five monthly instalments of $695 totalling $3,475*

*NB: All prices are in Australian dollars, click here to convert to your currency.

Doug also accepts some crypto currencies as payment, email for information.

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Contact Doug

+61 481 852 456

If you haven't already heard Doug's podcast, he recommends listening to a couple of episodes to get a feel for who he is, and to feel if his energy is a good mix for who you are.